Residential Homes

Equitable  Distribution

 The Division of Marital Property

You should always hire legal counsel to help you properly identify, value, and divide property in your divorce case.


In almost every marriage, couples acquire assets and debts that are held jointly by the parties, or individually in their respective names., such as houses, cars, furniture, bank accounts, and so much more.  Throughout the marriage, the acquisition of property is a great accomplishment and sign on growth within the relationship.  However, the issue arises when the parties are faced with divorce.  A common misconception among married couples is that property that they hold solely in their individual names will remain non-marital property.  That is not necessarily true in Florida!  In fact, despite how the property is titled, ALL property that is acquired during the marriage is marital property, with very few exceptions to the rule. 


Now what?!

Let's talk about how to protect your rights.

Florida law requires Courts to make an equitable distribution of all marital property,

unless either party successfully demonstrates to the Court why an unequal distribution should be ordered.   


This is where an experienced family law attorney steps in to help guide you through the many questions you may have such as:


  • What will happen to the home I purchased before my marriage? 

  • Is my spouse now entitled to take half of my retirement account? 

  • What happens to the inheritance my grandmother left me? 

  • Will I be forced to sale my home?

WE CAN HELP YOU SORT THROUGH YOUR QUESTIONS, AND COME UP WITH A SOLUTION THAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU.  Contact us today to schedule a Strategy Session with our attorney.