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About Our Firm


Your Family Law Attorney

 The Michael Law Firm, P.A. is a marital and family law firm that stands apart from all other firms because of the attention and care that we give to your case. Family law issues have a tenancy to force you into situations that you are not fully prepared for, and that you simply do not know how to solve.  This is where we step in.  Our firm is here to help you understand your rights under Florida law.  We develop case strategy to get you results.  We represent your interests, and help you protect your most prized possession--your family!  We don't take this process lightly.  The impact that a legal family law matter has on your life, your children, and everyone involved, has lasting impact.  You need competent, professional, no non-sense legal representation now!

Our Attorney, Candice L. Michael, Esquire, has been licensed to practice law in the State of Florida since 2014, and has largely dedicated her career to representing clients in contested and uncontested family law matters.  She understands the difficulties that arise in these cases, and provides each client with the right legal representation to get you through this difficult time.  Our firm represents mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, and relatives of minor children  in complex and heated legal battles.  Your desired outcome is important; your case is important; and we are on your side!

If these are things that matter to you, schedule a Strategy Session now with Attorney Candice Michael so that we can begin fighting for you and quickly get you back to living your happy life!

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