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The Michael Law Firm, P.A. is a boutique marital and family law firm located in Southeast, Florida.  We provide exceptional legal services to busy professionals and dedicated parents throughout Miami-Dade and Broward, Florida.  Our goal is to help our clients resolve their legal issues while protecting their rights and preserving their legacies.  Through dedicated and assertive legal advocacy, we have obtained favorable results for numerous clients in marital and family law matters, and we ensure that each client is well-informed of what is going on throughout the progression of their case.  We want you to understand your rights, and we want it to make sense!  We tailor our services in each marital and family law case, and we provide our clients with exceptional customer service while doing so!  Many large law firms will view your case as just a number.  However, here, at The Michael Law Firm, P.A., we dedicate the time that it takes to fully understand your case to best advocate and fight for your legal rights from the moment you walk through the door.

No!  You are not just a number!

Yes! Your family matters!

Yes! Your case deserves proper attention and preparation!

Yes! We know you have a life to get back to!

Yes! We are dedicated to protecting your rights!

Yes! We are experienced!

Yes! We are the right firm to get you get RESULTS!


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you HAVE taken the FIRST STEP.

          We will handle the rest!

Your family is unique, and the legal issues that have led you to now seek

legal representation is different from any other family or case out there.  

By working with our clients, we first develop a strategy to identify, and 

plan how to best achieve our clients' desired outcome.  We then execute.

We offer our clients legal assistance ranging from full case representation,

comprehensive counsel and advice to self-represented parties, document

 drafting, mediation representation, limited appearances for motion 

hearings, and post-judgment modifications.  


we help our clients get back to living happy lives!

You must take the necessary steps in life to obtain the results you desire to have.   This is absolutely true in many areas, and in particular in family law matters.  At this moment, the legal issue that you are faced with has disrupted your usual flow of life in some way that may be causing you extreme discomfort or discontentment.  To reclaim your peace of mind, you have a reason to fight for your rights.  What does fighting for your rights look like?  It's unique to you and your particular situation, but it can fall into any of the following situations:

  • Establish your parental rights, a time-sharing schedules, and the right to be involved in decision-making for your child;

  • Obtain a court order requiring the other parent to pay child support to help care for your child;

  • Properly divide your martial assets and liabilities during the divorce process to keep from starting over;

  • Obtain financial support from your ex-spouse following a draining divorce process;

  • Step in as a legal guardian to care for the minor children in your care;

  • Safeguard your future and your children with proper premarital planning.

These are just a few of the outcomes that can come from taking the right steps to reclaim your peace of mind, and our firm is here to help you do that!





Pre-Engagement Call

Finding the right lawyer for your case is important, and we want to make sure that we are able to serve you best.  This is why we offer a Complimentary 5-minute Pre-engagement Call with a member of our team to obtain basic case information from you to make sure that you have come to the right place.  After all, you're seeking a solution, and we are aiming to provide that for you.

NOTE: This is NOT a legal consultation and legal advice will not be provided during this call.

Legal Consultation/

Strategy Session

If you are ready to hit the ground running to get matters under control, this is for you!


During our 30-minute Strategy Session, you will meet with our experienced Marital and Family Law attorney to get into the nuts and bots of your legal problem, to discuss your goals, and to learn what solutions our firm has to help you obtain the best outcome possible.  We will leave the strategy session with clarity, and an understanding of next steps.

This session is paid and requires payment at the time of scheduling.  Payments are accepted through our online payment system.  During the meeting, an individualized fee-quote is provided based on the complexity of your case. 

The information contained throughout this website is intended for general information only and is NOT legal advice.  The transmission and receipt of any information contained on this website, or any communication with The Michael Law Firm, P.A. through this website does not create an attorney-client relationship.  You should not act upon any information on this website without first obtaining legal advice from a lawyer. 


If you are in need of legal advice on a specific matter, please use the form box to contact our office directly to schedule a consultation, or call us at (305) 250-2511.  Submission of information in this contact form does not mean that you have retained our firm as your attorney. You should NOT disclose any confidential information unless and until a formal attorney-client relationship has been established, which will only occur in the absence of a conflict of interest.  The Michael Law Firm, P.A. shall not be liable for any actions takes or not taken based on any information shared on this website.